We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are an online recruitment service run by teenagers for teenagers.

Here is how it started...... as a group of Newquay teens we have all struggled to find part-time work despite being pro-active, keen and reliable; we spoke to friends and families, sent off a few random CVs, rang up my Mum’s friends uncle who might or might not want summer staff and for what? For no-one ever to call me back or give me a chance. What next? Walk around town and give out my CV to random shops? To be honest this idea terrified us and we didn’t fancy the idea of the CV being used as a coffee coaster in every other shop in Newquay or my employment confidence to be crushed anymore.
So.............. a few of my school mates and I have decided to start a website where local employers can advertise their jobs so people like you and me can apply without the complications, public humiliation or having to ring our Mum’s friend's uncle.

Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before you ask? I have no idea! Every Easter and summer 100’s of local businesses take on temporary staff, they use agencies, try social media, etc, but unless we have liked these random campsites we never see the adverts. So here we go, here is a platform. A place for the teenagers of Newquay and local businesses to meet! We are the next generation workforce, use us! We want to work so help us, help you!!
Our website will officially be launched on the 1st March but in the mean time follow us on social media and keep in touch!